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Winter Farm Easement

Winter Conservation Easement, Illinois

Photo Credit - Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation

Most of Blufflands Alliance conservation successes begin with conversations between one of our staff members and a private landowner (or family) – by phone or over a kitchen table. We understand that your land is often your largest financial asset – and that it may have powerful family or emotional ties as well.

Private land trusts can not and do not take land from unwilling partners. In most cases, landowners come to us – exploring options for protecting their land, seeking answers and peace of mind. We also get many queries from extended families, lawyers and tax advisors. At times, particularly when key natural resources are at stake, we may take the initiative in approaching the landowner – but it’s always with an invitation to explore options and not force action.

Landowners are relieved by the variety of conservation options available: maintaining private ownership, transferring to a public or private conservation group, getting full or partial financial compensation, bequests, and so on. They’re also surprised to learn how tax benefits can make total or partial donations affordable even for people of modest incomes.

Valley Burn

Blufflands Alliance partners often provide appropriate land management practices to protect the natural resources. In this case, trained staff conduct a prescribed burn to help restore a hillside prairie remnant.

Photo Credit - Jessica Rilling / INHF

We understand that permanent land protection may be one of your family’s biggest decisions. Landowners have confidential conversations with our staff members, and we work within your time frame

Once landowners complete permanent conservation protection, one of their most frequent comments involves “peace of mind.” Now they can rest easy, knowing what will happen to the woods Grandma cherished, who will care for the stream where the kids caught their first trout; who will manage the prairie remnant whose restoration absorbed so much attention and sweat.

If you own special land in the Upper Mississippi River blufflands region and want to start a free, no-obligation conversation about your options, contact the Blufflands Alliance partner working nearest you.